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Board of Directors

A Message from The Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors extends its heartfelt congratulations, prayers and continued work to recognize Sherrie Fausey on the Twentieth Anniversary of Christian Light School, Haiti. Twenty years of service to any organization is a significant milestone.  In the case of Sherrie Fausey, it is a living testimony to trusting God unconditionally and following His will.

Two decades ago, Sherrie left a successful teaching position in a public school system, her home and the comfort of friends and familiar surroundings.  We hear stories from time to time of people who take the proverbial leap of faith.  Sherrie is one such person.  However, that leap of faith has created many steps of opportunity for the children in Haiti, the poorest country In the western hemisphere.

Today, the school, Pre-K through Grade 13 has an enrollment of approximately 300 students. Each student by God’s grace, is supported by sponsorships.  Along with a strong Christian education founded in scripture, the students receive rigorous and rewarding academic training.  The school’s outreach extends beyond the walls of the campus, located in the heart of Port-au-Prince. A highly effective feeding program for babies is ongoing each week. These babies , if they can remain healthy will some day attend the school.  CLS also operates a home for abandoned children.


These programs cost money.  In a country devastated by material and spiritual poverty, there is hope, because Sherrie Fausey answered God’s call to save children. She cannot do it alone. Along with a very dedicated staff, a devoted Board of Directors and the love and generosity of individuals, church groups and Christian organizations, the next twenty years can be rewarding and abundantly blessed if you will help. 


Please join us in celebrating Sherrie’s life and God’s light by continuing to pray faithfully and giving generously.

Our Staff

Edmond the driver and gopher_edited
first grader reading with teacher
cooking staff
Adult Literacy Class
Administrative Team
Christian Light School Teachers
These trays are heavy

Christian Light School has a total of 65 people on staff.  Many of our cooks and janitors never had an opportunity to attend school, but we honor them for what they do for Jesus as they serve our ministry with their skills.

We have 42 teachers.  We try to have at least 2 teachers in every class of very small children.  Most of our secondary teachers are part time and work in other schools in the area, also.

For Haiti to make progress as a nation, Haiti needs an educated population.  Too often Haitian teachers did not finish high school but became the village teacher simply because they are the most educated person available.  That situation does not create a good school system.  A teacher cannot teach more than he/she knows.

At Christian Light School, our primary teachers must at a minimum have been graduated from high school.  Secondary teachers must be certified in their particular subject.  We encourage all of our teachers to further their education at the University and have a Continuing Education sponsor program to help them grow more competent.  We work to develop both the student and the staff.

So far we have hired twelve of our own Christian Light School graduates and they are turning out to be our very best teachers!!!

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