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short term volunteer

(fewer than two weeks)

Come to Haiti and join in God’s work here.  You will have a life changing experience as you serve “the least of these”.  What could you do?  Finish construction, teach Bible, teach a skill such as sewing or carpentry, do repairs, hold a medical clinic, hold a dental clinic (we have a dental unit and compressor), take children on field trips, teach teachers, do eye exams, build furniture, teach parenting skills, street evangelism, prayer walking, etc.  There are so many needs.

We have some guest rooms available for short term volunteer groups.  If you want to use these accommodations, we ask that you contribute $40 a day per person toward our costs. This amount covers your room(s), two cooked meals per day and a make-a-sandwich lunch, as well as necessary local transportation.

Summer school lasts for four weeks and we hope the teachers can remain the entire month of July so we reduce the amount as much as possible.  We ask that Summer School volunteers give $100 a week for room & board as we cannot cover the total cost out of funding given for the children.

Let us know your interests by completing the form below.   Our calendar changes so often that it is difficult to keep updated enough to make it public, so please contact Sherrie Fausey for available dates as you are deciding when you would like to come.

Visitors Room
Visitor's bathroom
Bunk beds in Guest Rooms
Bottled drinking water for guests
Visitor's Room
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