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When we began working in the Delmas Ravine 20 years ago, we had to jump from rock to rock to get across the nasty water and mud.  Struggling to keep our footing, occasionally, we slipped and fell in.


A few years ago one of the mothers in our baby feeding program almost lost her foot after she slipped off the rocks into the sludge and polluted water.  Her foot became horribly infected, so much that doctors considered amputation.  Thankfully, she eventually recovered, but that incident made it clear that we had to do something to solve that problem!

Stepping on the rocks to avoid the filthy water as we cross the ravine

Below are links to several interesting news articles about Sherrie Fausey and the Christian Light School and Children’s Home in Haiti.

Excerpt from article:  PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — When two men barged into Sherrie Fausey’s school a few months after the quake and demanded all the food in the pantry, she calmly said, “No”.  The men threatened to kill her.  “That’s really sad,” the 62-year-old said, matter-of-factly. “Because, I’m going to heaven and you’re going to prison.”  The men ran away…

Excerpt from article:  PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI — “There is no way I could build a three-wing school in a couple of years, but we did,” Fausey says.

Excerpt from article:  — “They do have cholera in Port-au-Prince.  We have it in the neighborhood where our school is,” Fausey said.  She’s convinced that getting these pills in the right hands can help impede the spread of this deadly disease, which has already claimed more than 1,400 lives and infected 25,000 more, according to news reports.

Excerpt from article: — “It sounded like bombs going off all over the place,” Fausey said. “I thought the whole building was falling down.”

Excerpt from article:  — Sherrie Fausey, the retired school teacher-turned missionary, has been reported alive and well in Haiti, a Christian mission group says.

The people who live in the ravine gave what they could to pay workers to build a foot bridge.  And, several American donors stepped up and helped finance the project.  Soon we hired local workers from the ravine to do the work.  Now we have a strong, solid footbridge that allows everyone to cross the creek safely!  Praise the Lord!!!!!

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