Christian Light School in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti is a non-denominational Christian ministry that operates under the umbrella organization of Christian Light School, Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida.  We are raising up Christian Leadership in Haiti--one meal, one education, one soul at a time.


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Please complete and send the form below, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  To contact Sherrie Fausey directly by phone or email, click on the phone or email icon below.


Make a difference in the life of one of God’s precious children when you sponsor a student in our school.  You may choose to be the Full Sponsor of one child in (either or both) the school or home or be a Partial Sponsor and share the support of a child with another sponsor.

The actual cost of keeping one student in the home is about $100 a month. 

The actual cost of keeping one student in school is about $80 a month. 


The school sponsorship provides one child with textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, school building, furniture, 2 meals a day, and medical/dental care, and teacher salary for Christian teachers teaching a Christian curriculum in English, French, and Creole in a sanitary, safe and loving Christian environment.  We have daily Bible studies in all classes.


All sponsored school age children periodically send samples of their schoolwork and letters or pictures to sponsors.  The children may also receive letters from their sponsor through our Agape Flights address which will be on the child’s envelope as the return address.  Sponsors may come and visit their child at any time.

If you wish to participate in the Sponsor a Child Program, please complete the form below, indicating your desires and we will match you up with a needy child. 


Full sponsorship school $80 

Partial sponsorship School 

Full sponsorship Home $100 

Partial sponsorship Home

Please mail to this address:

Christian Light School

PO Box 23098

Jacksonville, FL 32241- 3098

Christian Light School, Inc.

PO Box 23098

Jacksonville, FL 32241-3098