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Please be patient as we evaluate availability of sponsorships during this time of transition and unrest in Haiti.
If interested in sponsorship please contact Jason Harrington, Christian Light Administrator, by emailing or by calling our office phone number 701-371-4729

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Israel Barthelemy1.jpg
Jean Benson Joseph1.jpg
Israel Barthelemy.jpg
Jean Benson Joseph.jpg
Junior St Louis1.jpg
Junior St Louis.jpg
Kimberly Joseph1.jpg
Kimberly Joseph.jpg
Medjina Herard1.jpg
Medjina Herard.jpg
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Schneider Poleus1.jpg
Schneider Poleus.jpg
Wood Mayard Joseph1.jpg
Wood Mayard Joseph.jpg
Williamson Naval1.jpg
Williamson Naval.jpg
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7th Bergeline (1).jpg
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7th Fedna.jpg
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7th Laury.jpg
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7th Rosegerline.jpg
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