Christian Light Children's Home was opened in 2008 when we took in 27 desperate children who were refugees from the devastating Gonaives flood.  Then the name was changed to "Promise of Hope Home" in 2016 when the Director of the Children’s Home decided she did not want to take in any more little children.  But, we had so many little children in our school who needed care and nowhere to place them that was close enough for them to attend our school.  So, we reopened Christian Light Children’s Home in April of 2018. 

We currently have 9 children residing at Christian Light Children’s Home.  There are various reasons why these children needed to be in the home.  For example, we have twin boys, both of whom are intellectually gifted.  They were about to be taken out of Christian Light School because their father had to move out of town, and he could not afford to pay for them to attend school in their new location.  So, they both stay in the Children's Home during the school year and visit their father and mother during vacations.

Then there is little Charlson who had reconstructive surgery on his hip and leg.  Our nannies are trained in giving medications and caring for children after surgery.  Charlson will stay in the Children's Home temporarily until he is no longer under a doctor's care.

Two of the older girls in our school have had babies.   It is always a difficult situation when a teenager has a baby, but especially so in Haiti.  They typically throw the young mama out of Haitian school and condemn both mother and child to a life of misery.  So here, young mothers try to give their baby away.  But, we provide daycare at the Children’s Home so the young mother can keep her child and finish school.  An educated mother will provide a better life for her child.

Promise of Hope Home for Young Ladies is an extension of the Children's Home.  We have graduates who attend the University that we also employ as teachers in our school, but their homes are far away or located in a dangerous area.  Since they could not attend the University because it was too dangerous for them to find their way home after dark, several of these young ladies live together in rooms above the Children's Home.  They are employed, independent, and attending the University.  These young ladies are our "Promise of Hope".

Christian light children's home


Promise of hope home for young ladies