Raising up Christian Leadership in Haiti-One Meal, One Education, One Soul at a Time

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."    Matthew 25:40

Prayer Requests and Praises

July 24, 2017


Hello from Haiti!

I am so excited to see the progress we have made in every direction at the school!  I am so very happy about what I see happening in our school!!  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!   I see:

  • Teachers with a new enthusiasm to be the best teachers.
  • Teachers signing up for classes so they can be better teachers.
  • Teachers excited about teaching.
  • We are now employing some of our own graduates!
  • Two new classrooms will be ready when classes start in August.
  • I expect the new rooms will be ready by August 22.  We need these rooms!
  • Our school administration is being highly respected and appreciated by the staff.  The administration is encouraging high standards and helping the teachers to do their best.


We have 17 classes (3 year olds, 4 year olds, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 13 grade levels) plus the sewing lab plus the library plus 2 computer labs.  We want all of our children to know Jesus, so every class has a Bible lesson every day.   Praise the LORD!!!!!!!


I was very happy to find our chemistry & biology teacher still working to set up the science lab at 5 in the afternoon.  Mr. Gilbert is so happy and excited to have a science lab!   Most Haitian high schools do not have science labs, or libraries, or computer labs!   We are different.  We want young Christians to be the best educated people in Haiti so they can go out and help others!  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!


Thank you for making all of this possible.  Christian Light School is able to grow and serve our 17 classes with a superior Christian education because of YOU!   May the Lord reward you greatly for your generosity to Christian Light School.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!


Our younger children have been having a wonderful time in summer school with our 3 American teachers.  Miss Jessie, Miss Dawn, and Miss Sarah have made this summer special.  The children will always remember the love shown to them this summer.   Praise the LORD!!!!!!!


God bless you,


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Raising Up Christian Leadership in Haiti-one meal, one education, one soul at a time.

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