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Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Raising up Christian Leadership in Haiti-

one meal,one education,one soul at a time

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40

Our Ministry and Outreach

Christian Light School originated in the Fall of the year 2000 with 20 students and a vision from God.  This vision has remained constant:  to impact the lives of children in Haiti through a Christ centered education, one meal, one education, one soul at a time.  Sherrie Fausey, a retired school teacher from Florida, answered the Lord’s leading to settle in Port au Prince and serve a community located in Delmas, an impoverished area of the city.  This community built their houses next to a ravine.  From this ravine, the precious families of this area bathed their children, washed their clothes and gathered their drinking water.


Sherrie believed there was a need for a school that offered instruction and nutrition to the youngest members of this neighborhood and continued with training and education until young adulthood.  From its one room beginning, Christian Light School has continued to grow in the number of students served, in the programs offered and in the persons reached with the Gospel.  But, the vision remains the same:  to change lives, one meal, one education, one soul at a time.



  • Christian Light SchoolChristian Light School serves over 300 students through academic classes offered in French and English. Students attend beginning at age three until they graduate after their 13th academic year, also known as Philo. All of the classes offered at Christian Light School meet the educational requirements of the Office of Education in Haiti. Students receive daily Bible lessons and work diligently on Bible memorization.
  • Meal ProgramEach student receives two meals a day, one served shortly after their arrival and the other, at noon. Many times, these meals represent the full amount of food the child will eat for that day. Additionally, each student receives a daily multi-vitamin.
  • Ravine Feeding ProgramEach day Christian Light School send three to four staff into the ravine with food and vitamins for the infants living in the community. Each child served is documented and periodic health assessments are given. We know that healthy minds start with healthy nutrition, so meeting the nutritional needs of the babies is vitally important.
  • Online Learning ProgramMath and Language Arts classes are offered daily to the secondary students through the on-line learning program. This program, entirely taught in English, allows the students to read, hear, write and memorize information while becoming proficient in the English language. The program is administered in the United States and serves the students while sitting at their computers in Haiti!
  • Adult Literacy ClassesClasses are held on campus for adults from the ravine who are desiring to read. Starting with basic reading and phonics techniques, these men and women are discovering a whole new world through the written word.
  • Community Sewing ClassesWe have an excellent sewing workroom where women from the community can gather to sew, pray and sing daily. Clothes are mended, hearts are strengthened and love for the Lord abounds!
  • Bible Instruction:  Each staff member at Christian Light School receives Bible instruction daily through Bible Study and memorization programs. The cleaning staff, many whom speak only Creole’, are memorizing Bible passages in English. They are hiding the verses in their hearts and using their memorization to learn the English language.
  • Summer School:  We welcome school teachers from the United States during our X week Summer School program. This school is designed to for those students that need extra help to keep up with the curriculum at Christian Light School. Reading and phonics are emphasized during this tim

Christian Light School

Meal Program

Ravine Feeding Program

Online Learning Program

Adult Literacy Classes

Community Sewing Classes

Bible Instruction

Summer School

The Christian Light School in Haiti is a non-denominational Christian ministry that operates under the umbrella organization of Christian Light School, Inc., based in St. Augustine, Florida.


The purpose of the Christian Light School and her sister ministries in Haiti is to carry out the Great Commission to, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".  Sherrie Fausey, Director, is motivated by Jesus' words in Matthew 25:40: "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me," and a vision to develop and educate her students to become Christian men and women who can foster strong Christian leadership in a land where corruption in government and business is commonplace. These Christian young people are ultimately the best hope to bring about change for the better in their country.


Currently, we teach in 3 languages.  Creole is used because the children are Haitian and therefore think in Creole.  But, French is the legal language of Haiti, so they must learn French to flourish in society.  However, the best Christian curricula are available in English, so it is necessary that they learn English as well.  Remember, the goal of the school is to raise up children who will ultimately be Christian leaders in Haiti.


In time, we hope to expand our vision to reach more children with several satellite elementary schools that feed into a central high school that will graduate well-educated Christian men and women to go forth and change their country for the better.


CLS began in the year 2000 with a class of 20 preschool children. We currently have over 260 students and many more waiting to begin.  There are children stuffed into every nook and cranny. We desperately need more space!

American teachers are urgently needed to teach each subject in English.  Haitian teachers do a very good job of teaching in French and Creole, but English is more difficult for them.  We hope to have American and Haitian teachers working side by side in the classrooms to produce the best education in the country to the glory of God.





Please prayerfully consider how you may partner with Christian Light School.  We continue to walk forward in ministry, dependent on God for provision and wisdom.  From its humble beginning to today, our vision has remained the same:


Raising Up Christian Leadership in Haiti-one meal, one education, one soul at a time.

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